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Handmade bags

Lignum Vitae bags

Lignum Vitae is a small artisan workshop. We make handmade bags for both men and women as well as laptop bags. Our mission is to create unconventional products and, for that reason, we have created the bags that make the difference. Our bags are a combination of two unique materials, wood, and leather. With carefully selected materials, we ensure our products are made of the finest leather and the most exclusive pieces of wood. Each wood piece is protected with special coatings with UV protection as well as protecting it from outside effects, and water.

Since handmade products require precision, skills and dedication, they take time to be made. For that reason, our products, except the ones available immediately, take 5-14 days to be completed.

Make your
custom bag

In Lignum Vitae you have a unique opportunity to match the bag to your wishes, where in addition to combinations that we design, we can make a combination of colors you prefer. In this way, we create our bag to your liking. We also offer the possibility of making a completely custom bag where, after listening to your wishes, we make a drawing and make the bag in dimensions, shape, number of pockets and accompanying details as desired. For the first time, regardless of your profession or the requirements you have, you can get a bag that suits you.

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Product available on the site immediately (time of making other bags from 5-14 days)